“Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained.”
—James A. Garfield, 20th President of the United States

Thursday, February 24, 2011

If you thought it couldn't happen, think again

We're all for fun and games, political strategy and the secret handshakes and nuances involved into doing the public's business, but Wednesday's news from Pierre elevated ridiculous to a new height.
First, the Senate passed SB152 that would decrease Gov. Daugaard's 10 percent cut to 6.2 percent. Really? Are we supposed to feel lucky or thankful? Blessed to have such courageous leadership at the helm of our state?
There also was SB126, which would have reduced the budget cut to a fraction of Daugaard's 10 percent. But, shockingly (feign disbelief now), the bill failed to pass.
Instead, in a bold (cue the sarcastic tone) move, senators passed the governor's budget, 10 percent cut in tact, but added a measure that made it apply only to 12th grade students. The intention was to require the House to change the bill and send it back to the Senate.
Whoa! How did they summon the courage and conviction?
Right in there, in the thick of things, was our very own Sen. Larry Tidemann, who voted for the governor's budget both in committee and in the full Senate.
We're guessing there is a fine explanation about how things work in Pierre and the need to go through these convoluted motions to get where we want to go. But, we've lost patience and faith in the system. Clearly, it is not working on behalf of our children or this state.

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  1. When do we get our Tea Party moment? When do we reach the critical point where someone stands up and says "Enough!" and catalyzes a groundswell to throw the bums out and recalim government for the people?